The history of Geneoz

Geneoz is the product of Geneoz Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Ozgene Group, based in Perth, Australia.

Geneoz Pty Ltd's sole purpose is the constant development of the cutting-edge Vivarium Management Solution that is Geneoz VMS. However, our strong ties to Ozgene means that we benefit from day-to-day interactions with an exceptionally demanding vivarium environment.

Why Geneoz?

"How did Ozgene come up with the idea to develop their own management solution?" you might ask. The answer is very simple, because in the old days back in the 1990's there was no sufficiently sophisticated solution around for biomedical research companies needing to run a vivarium in a highly efficient way and also support the needs of the very specific business of generating genetically-modified animals.

While Ozgene provides contract research services for global markets and custom-designs genetically modified (GM) mice, Geneoz is the brain behind the whole business.

Everyone counts ...

All the different people at Ozgene, Geneoz and existing clients contribute their knowledge and expertise to create a better Geneoz. Vivarium technicians and managers, veterinarians, investigators and the development team all know each other well and are in constant contact when something can be improved.

No more paperwork ...

One of the key drivers behind Geneoz is the accessibility of real-time data, and therefore paper has be banned from our vivarium. While printing data and cage cards is of course possible from within Geneoz, whenever you write data onto paper it becomes inaccessible to your database, and for that reason doesn't add value to the manageability of your facility. You can't manage what you don't know!

Who captures the data?

In Geneoz, most of the data-capturing is done by the Animal Technicians. 

If you took that statement above, you might come to the conclusion that the vivarium technicians must end up with an awful lot of additional paperwork. But remember, we've banned all paperwork. Under Geneoz, while the vivarium technician is answering just a few simple questions with the tip of their finger, the system records up to 500 data points for each cage. Meanwhile the complex data structure in the background allows the software to ask only the relevant questions, and prompt only the required actions, for each specific cage as it is reached.

The end result is that the system vastly reduces the amount of work for the vivarium technicians by dealing with all the paperwork and task-tracking automatically, pooling tasks within a cage to ensure the cage-handling is kept to a minimum, and guiding the technician to the cages that need processing the most urgently.

The team behind Geneoz

Our development team is a multicultural team of programming professionals and our aim is to create an intelligent, intuitive colony management and reporting solution for you. With various backgrounds and global work experience in different corporate sectors they are aware of and capable of meeting the needs of international companies.

The global financial crisis has changed the way we all do business. Our team wants the opportunity to work with people in animal facilities, who are willing to increase the facilities efficiency, and who appreciate sophisticated solutions that will meet their needs in this 21st century.